DOLL Living Lab Opens Its Doors to AI-Testing

2024 marks a new chapter for DOLL Living Lab, a European leader in Smart City innovation, as we open our doors to AI-testing, and fostering a new wave of technological advancements.


A New Era for Smart City Innovation

Since our inception, DOLL Living Lab has been a pioneer in developing practical and visually appealing Smart City technologies. With over 50 industry and knowledge partners and 75 real-life use-cases, our lab is a bustling hub of innovation. The latest integration with’s testing facilities is a significant leap forward for the industry.

With this collaboration, DOLL enables companies to join a vibrant network and rapidly connecting with local experts and testing innovative AI solutions efficiently. Examples of DOLL’s current case areas are intelligent lighting, smart traffic solutions, environmental monitoring, and energy efficiency. The first edition of a more complete European ‘AI service catalogue’ will be showcased in Rotterdam on 16-17  January, as part of the OASC Conference for smart cities and sustainable communities, promising a deeper insight into some of DOLL’s offerings as well as the broader’s services across Europe.

AI-cases will accelerate growth and adoptation

In parallel with this new development, DOLL Living Lab is also turning the focus towards cutting edge digital solutions, such as data integrations, 3D modelling, digital twins and visualizations – emphasizing both the practical use and aesthetic aspects of Smart City technology. A new data IoT-platform also strengthens our vision of simplifying the adoption of Smart City technology for the public sector. Ensuring a wide Interoperability means the ability to share data across cities, developers, and users is paramount in shaping a data-driven, collaborative future.

We invite AI innovators, public sector entities, and technology enthusiasts to join us in this new era of Smart City development. For more information, please contact Project Manager, Clara Hvidt Røder,

Stay tuned as we continue to shape the future of Smart Cities in Denmark and beyond, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and innovation at DOLL Living Lab.


FACTS ABOUT CITCOM.AI is one of four so called TEFs – specialised large-scale reference sites to test state-of-the-art AI and robotics solutions. They are open to all European technology providers wanting to test both soft-and hardware AI products and services in. is the TEF for smart cities and communities.

  • Led by DTU
  • Budget: €40.000.000
  • Consortium: 33 European partners offering sites to test AI
  • Project duration: 2023-2027 (60 months)

Clara Hvidt Røder

Project manager +45 25 53 55 43