Grand Opening
DOLL ITS Living Lab

Join us on June 9, 2022, when DOLL Living Lab is opening the new ITS area packed with some of the newest developments within ITS – a National Living Lab for Intelligent Traffic Systems.

You will get a day full of inspirational talks, workshop sessions, real-life solutions and networking with international and national speakers and delegates. And to proper celebrate the official launch, we have made sure that the evening will be packed with exciting demonstrations, good food, music and networking. You will get a unique DOLL Tour of the lab’s many smart solutions, where partners in the lab are ready to demonstrate their innovative real-life cases.

During the day you will

  • Be inspired by concrete and real life examples.
  • Get a unique tour of DOLL Living Lab’s many smart solutions.
  • Hear exciting presentations from domestic and abroad on how technology can create new and improved solutions for more sustainable cities.
  • Network with other leading players within the ITS field and get inspiration on how municipalities, businesses and knowledge institutions can work together to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Explore Europe’s leading living lab
for intelligent lighting and Smart City-services

We build bridges between manufacturers, public decision makers and knowledge institutions with a common interest in developing liveable, sustainable and resource efficient communities through the means of technology.

At DOLL we are creating an innovative playground and transparency in new complex markets by offering demonstration and test of the latest solutions in intelligent outdoor lighting and Smart City-services.

So whether you want to hear more about the latest developments in digitizing urban space at our visitor center in the heart of our living lab, or represent a company with the need to test and demonstrate your technology in a full-scale plug-and-play environment, we’re ready to help.

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“DOLL Living Lab provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how our products work. and how the lighting is expressed, in different outdoor urban environments, at a location shared with the wider lighting and Smart City community, and that is frequently visited by international delegations.”

Henrik Hansen, national sales manager, Louis Poulsen

Visitor map
public and private organisations