Real-world living lab with a digital twin

DOLL Living Lab is strategically located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, a city renowned for its advanced smart environment initiatives. Our expansive 1.5 km2 industrial area, frequented by over 10,000 daily users, functions as a vibrant physical testing space of smart city environments – now also offering a real-world platform with a digital twin for urban innovation at a 1:1 scale.

The introduction of DOLL’s digital twin enables our partners to simulate and test solutions in a virtual environment, optimise decision-making through real-time data, enhance innovation by visualising various scenarios, reduce costs and time by pre-emptively identifying issues. Our investment in the future of smart city tech and tools includes dashboard visualisations, data marketplace, IoT and interoperability mechanisms, and, of course, AI.

Our network boasts over 50 industry and knowledge partners, collaborating on cutting-edge projects that redefine urban living. DOLL is home to more than 75 real-life use-cases, each demonstrating the limitless possibilities of smart environment solutions through data application and dashboard visualizations.
Each year, we host over 600 visiting organizations, creating a dynamic hub for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our unique, ‘neutral platform’ unites public and private stakeholders, allowing them to experience, develop, and test innovative solutions for both urban and rural areas. This is achieved through the digitisation of public spaces, leveraging our smart environment as a digital twin to drive progress.

Whether you’re interested in the latest trends in digitising urban spaces at our visitor centre, located at the core of our living lab, or represent a company eager to test and showcase your technology in a comprehensive, plug-and-play environment – DOLL Living Lab is your go-to partner for smart, sustainable solutions.


DOLL accelerates innovation and adoption of sustainable and digital city solutions through a triple-helix oriented approach working together with private companies, regional and local authorities, and research institutions


Fostering adoption and knowledge of best and next practice DOLL Living Lab invites cities, research institutions, companies and other relevant actors to visit and be inspired by Europes leading living lab for intelligent and smart cities.


DOLLLiving Lab works together with company partners to develop the solutions of tomorrow through co-creation, market dialogues, innovation workshops and capacity building activities.


We have good experience with the municipality paving the way for DOLL Living Lab, which has tested a number of Smart City solutions over the past few years. They give us as a municipality a glimpse into the future of how we can use technology to provide better service to citizens or save money that we can use elsewhere. Specifically, with the help of sensors, we have gained new knowledge about the waste fractions of institutions. (…) we have made significant energy savings without compromising on public safety.


Director of City, Environment, Culture & Employment, Municipality of Albertslund

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