DOLL Living Lab supporting European Small and Medium sized Cities in accelerating and achieving NetZero goals


 SMCNetZero is an 18-month project (March 23′- August 24′) focusing on creating and strengthening local innovation ecosystems in Small and medium sized cities(SMCs) and creating a Satellite Network of innovation actors including public sector representatives from SMCs, SMEs, academia, NGOs and investors across Europe.

The reason a strong focus is on small and medium-sized cities is that they are often overlooked when discussing decarbonization, yet they harbor immense potential for driving meaningful change. With this in mind, this project addresses access and acceleration to relevant knowledge and collaboration, sharing of best practices, creating a digital space with toolkits, relevant knowledge on funding, and digital meeting place between zero-emission solution providers, investors and public authorities from SMCs

The role of WE BUILD DENMARK & DOLL Living Lab

DOLL Living Lab will support the project by addressing best practice within energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and environment.

DOLL will address these themes through capacity building that mixes concrete methodologies within sustainable innovation and use cases from our partners, representing state of the art digital city solutions.

Municipalities from European cities will throughout the project visit the DOLL Living Lab to see first hand how they can implement and advance their existing infrastructure to support netzero goals and minimize their carbon footprint.

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Innovation Manager
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