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At DOLL Living Lab, we’re passionate about helping businesses and organizations like yours develop and implement innovative smart city solutions. That’s why we offer a unique partnership program that gives you access to our world-class facilities, resources, and expertise.

As a DOLL partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Direct access to emerging and established markets.
    DOLL is the largest living lab for intelligent outdoor lighting and Smart City technologies in Europe, so you’ll be well-positioned to reach new customers and grow your business.
  • A thriving innovation platform.
    DOLL is a hotbed of innovation, where you can collaborate with other partners and public-private projects to develop and test new smart city solutions.
  • A captivating showcasing opportunity.
    DOLL’s 1.5 km2 showroom is the perfect place to showcase your products and solutions to potential customers and investors.
  • A pivotal role in shaping smart, sustainable cities.
    When you partner with DOLL, you’re not just helping yourself succeed – you’re also helping to create better cities for everyone.


For more information about becoming a partner feel free to contact Teddy Sibbern Axelsen

About DOLL Living Lab

DOLL Living Lab is Europe’s largest living lab for smart urban innovation, focusing on intelligent traffic systems, road infrastructure, environmental monitoring, intelligent outdo- or lighting, and smart buildings. We address the needs of emerging smart and connected cities by creating a neutral ground for innovation and foster cooperation and transparency in the complex and rapidly changing Smart City market.

We a bring together public and private actors to experience and co-develop new technologies such as sensors, lighting and network infrastructure, AI cameras, software and management platforms. Through our Local Digital Twin, we open an avenue for gaining insights through data applications.

DOLL is part of WE BUILD DENMARK – the national cluster for the building and construction sector. WE BUILD DENMARK’s mission is to create a strong hub for all stakeholders in the construction industry to collaborate on developing smart and sustainable cities.

The focus on DOLL from the public sector as a whole has been amazing. That is of course something, we would like to tap into, as it is very much our current and potential customers who visit DOLL”

– Daniel Fogh, Andel Lumen

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