WE BUILD DENMARK & DOLL partner in large European effort to bring responsible AI to market


Europe launches massive AI test facilities – Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs). A 220m€ investment launching on 27 June provides a permanent capacity to deliver responsible AI in Europe by testing solutions before they hit the market and become a part of healthcare, manufacturing, agri-food, and everyday life.

To ensure that the advent of AI doesn’t conflict with European values and the 450 million EU citizens, the European Commission, more than half of the Member States and 128 partners have allocated €220 million to establish four world-class testing and experimental facilities, called TEFs, around Europe.

These TEFs will act as filters and safeguards between technology providers and society to ensure that the EU remains the place where AI excellence thrives – from lab to market – in a trustworthy manner for every citizen in Europe and beyond.

The role of WE BUILD DENMARK & DOLL Living Lab

CitCom.ai – the TEF for Smart Cities and Communities, is a collaboration between 33 partners in 11 countries, led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in close collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and TEF DK, a non-profit industry organisation of TEF sites.

With its +33 partner CitCom.ai is divided into three thematic and geographical areas: Central – MOVE, South – CONNECT & North – POWER. We will be leading the later, and responsible for connecting the Northern sites in CitCom.ai and thus, working with the technical capabilities of each site, connecting these capabilities and fostering collaboration across them. 

The TEF’s will be ‘open for business’ on January 1st 2024

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