On June 9th, 2022, DOLL Living Lab, Europe’s biggest Living Lab for Smart City solutions, opened the new ITS area packed with some of the newest developments within ITS.


More than 200 people joined us for a day full of inspirational talks, breakout sessions, real-life solutions and networking with international and national speakers and delegates. And to proper celebrate the official launch, we made sure that the evening was packed with exciting demonstrations, good food, music and networking. There was a unique DOLL Tour of the lab’s many smart solutions, where partners in the lab were ready to demonstrate their innovative real-life cases. 

  We invited national and international cities, regions, and ITS companies/stakeholder to join the discussion when we demonstrate and present cases from different parts of Europe and the Nordics on what needs the public have, how technology creates new and improved solutions and the elements that can contribute to more sustainable cities.   We hope the day was full of inspiration and motivation to enforce the next steps in collaborating across municipal, and regional borders, together with ITS stakeholders. And of course the newest knowledge on developments in smart mobility, sustainability, traffic management and smart infrastructure.

Thank you so much for an fantastic opening of the DOLL ITS Living Lab!

The conference was made in a collaboration between