– A National Living Lab for Intelligent Traffic Systems



During the conference you can choose between three breakout sessions. When signing up you have to choose which session you want to participate in. Read more about the sessions here.


Sustainable Mobilities in Liveable and Intelligent Cities

Cities transport challenges are rapidly growing. They invest in Intelligent Transport Systems to help solve transport challenges. Learn from cities committing to public transportation, cycling, and walking investing in improved bus prioritization systems and prioritize certain modes of transport suitable for urban areas. Hear from leading cities investing in significant traffic management systems to optimizing traffic flow and enhance safety on existing road infrastructure. The move from traffic management to mobility management is evident. Last, we will have political decision-makers to discuss a shift towards more sustainable modes and possibilities for cross-city traffic management.

The session is targeted at:

  • City planners, traffic planners, smart city consultants within municipalities
  • Public transport authorities and operators
  • Policymakers and regulatory bodies
  • Technology, service and equipment providers
  • Data architecture and IT system firms
  • Research and development organisations
  • Specialized European institutes/networks into Mobility and city planning


Tech & AI: How to Work with the Next Level of Flexibility in ITS

How to build for more intelligence and flexibility? How to understand the system architecture when building e.g. an intelligent traffic light. An architecture that not only optimize the flow of traffic, but also manage input/data from third party vendors for greater flexibility, prioritization of certain modes of transport, multimodality, serve environmental goals, and more.

When integrating and making use of data such as floating car data, data from busses, bikes, car sharing platforms, weather data, environmental data, or the like, what is then the building blocks available to build a flexible and intelligent infrastructure securing better mobility? How to interact with different modes of transport, road authorities, etc.?

And not least, what role does AI have in the future, where data is shared openly ready to be used more intelligently? What challenges does it present and what opportunities are just around the corner?

These are some of the pressing questions that we will explore together with industry experts and other specialists in the field.

The session is targeted at:

  • Traffic engineers
  • Traffic operators
  • Utility companies
  • ITS suppliers
  • Consultants and other professionals working with traffic.

Green mode: Creating Value from Open Mobility

Mobility in Denmark is ever growing, and there is an expectation of right to freedom of mobility, and that the journey from A to B can be completed without further ado by car or even using multimodal travel plans. In this session we will explore how to create value of open mobility and what the challenges are to get there, can a living lab facility as DOLL be a catalyzer for testing open mobility and what will it require of road authority, ITS vendors, consultancies etc.?

The session will bring in case studies from citites and concrete solutions for areas of open mobility. Join us when we discuss how we can support cities with smart sustainable mobility.

The session is targeted at:

  • Municipal, regional and national mobility authorities
  • Specialists and decision makers
  • Researchers
  • Suppliers of ITS and digital mobility data
  • Mobility service actors and consultants
  • MaaS agents etc.

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